Here are some helpful Appliance Energy Tips!

  1. Never operate your dishwasher until you have a full load.
  2. Always use the air dry cycle.
  3. Clean the lint filter from your clothes dryer on a regular basis.
  4. Make it a habit to check your dryer exhaust ducts for any leaks or plugging. Also make sure they are vented outside during the summer months.
  5. Never over-dry any of your clothes.
  6. Make use of clothes lines. They are the most efficient drying system!
  7. Never use a great deal of detergent. It causes oversudsing which makes your washing machine work harder and use more energy.
  8. Try to use cold water as much as possible whenever washing your clothes.
  9. Take advantage of your smaller appliances such as countertop ovens, electric frying pans and broilers whenever you cook. Use a microwave oven whenever possible.
  10. Try cooking as many foods as you can at one time. Don’t keep opening your oven door to check on your food because the heat will escape.
  11. Keep your refrigerator away from any heat sources.
  12. Get in the habit of vacuuming the coils of your refrigerator every three months or so in order to help the condenser run at its best.
  13. Set the degrees on your refrigerator at 37 to 40 degrees F. The freezer should be at 0 to -6 degrees F for a steady operation.
  14. Make sure your door gasket is sealing properly. This can be easily checked by closing the door onto a piece of paper then pulling the paper out with the door still closed. You should be able to feel some tension while you pull out the paper. If there is no tension, then the gasket may need to be replaced.

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