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Edge of the Bay Appliance Service is recognized as a Factory Certified Service Provider of Sub Zero and Wolf products. As a Factory Certified Service Provider we maintain an extensive inventory of parts, which allows us a high percentage of completions for most repairs in the first visit. If we don’t have the part in our inventory, we can get it from the distributor within a day, providing the part is available. We offer same business day or next business day Sub Zero refrigerator or freezer service if you are experiencing a no-cool or no-freeze issue.

We also provide preventive maintenance. Call us for some of our on-request services! For example:

    • Helping you get your outdoor patio kitchen appliances ready for the summer. (Plumbing excluded)
    • Cleaning the condenser on the refrigerator to avoid a costly repair in the future.
    • Checking the oven temperature so that cooking doesn’t become a guessing game.

And Edge Of The Bay values your time! We realize that lifestyles and schedules have changed from the past when people were available to be home; today’s pace of life is much different. We continue to change the way we work with our customers when scheduling to make our visit as convenient as possible.

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